Welcome to the OECD database on Policy Instruments for the Environment

The OECD maintains the Policy Instruments for the Environment (PINE) database, originally developed in co-operation with the European Environment Agency. The database contains detailed qualitative and quantitative information on environmentally related taxes, fees and charges, tradable permits, deposit-refund systems, environmentally motivated subsidies and voluntary approaches used for environmental policy and natural resource management.

The database includes information on OECD countries, OECD accession candidates and, to a lesser extent, other non-OECD countries (80 countries in total). A set of pre-defined queries is accessible from the left-hand panel.

This database has been developed over a number of years, involving experts in various government agencies (e.g., ministries of finance and ministries of environment). Generally the information is more complete for taxes than for other instruments, but coverage of the other instruments is improving.

How to use the PINE database?
The metadata describes the various policy instruments and some other information available in the database.

A user’s guide for the database explains how one can generate, modify and provide information about the various policy instruments.

Friendly URL: oe.cd/pine

Additional information
For specific data on Environmentally related tax revenues, consult a pre-defined query on OECD.Stat.

For an overview about OECD work on environmentally related taxation, see oe.cd/env-taxes.