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Schemes related to given ISIC sectors or COICOP expenditure categories
This query lets you select either one or more sectors of the economy (based on the UN ISIC Rev 3.1 classification) or one or more household expenditure categories (based on the UN COICOP classification). You can, however, not in a single query combine an ISIC sector and a COICOP category. Once you have selected the sectors or expenditure categories of interest, the query will list all the instruments to which these sectors/categories have been linked.

Select one or several items in either the list of economic sectors (with the heading "Industrial") or the list of household expenditure categories (with the heading "Household"), then select one or more countries and then click on "Submit" to see the instruments that have been linked to the sector or expenditure category in question. To select several items of a given category, hold down the "Ctrl" key, while clicking on the items of interest. You can not, however, combine in a single query the choice of an economic sector and a household expenditure category.

The economic sectors are based on the definitions used in the UN's ISIC Rev.3.1 classification, whereas the household expenditure categories are based on the UN's COICOP classification.

The sector called "All, or most, of manufacturing" does in some cases have a wider coverage, and will in some cases refer to all sectors of the economy.

You can find more information on the definition of the ISIC Sector codes by clicking here, and of the COICOP household expenditure categories by clicking here.